Personality: Deep, spiritual and serious
Hobbies: Meditation, yoga, writing,
droppin' science
KRS-1, Public Enemy, X-Clan, Common, Nas,
Jean Grae
Favorite Old Skool Song:
"My Philosophy" by Boogie Down Productions From the album
"By Any Means Necessary" © 1988 BMG.
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Role Models: Afrika Bambaataa, Malcolm X, Sistah Soulja
Occupation: Yoga Instructor
Dream Job: Full time writer
Homegirls: B-Love & B-Chill

B-Mellow's pretty deep. Sometimes too deep. In fact the other girls often tease her. They think she needs to "lighten up.” But who can lighten up when 95% of the population is sleep walking thru life?! Someone's got to enlighten the masses! Let the other girls shop til they drop. B-Mellow's ideal weekend would be spent in deep meditation, contemplation, and relaxation as she balances her chakras and works on her future best selling New Age self-help book simply entitled "Just B.”

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